The new detail from his Third Confession.  The Tiny Truths and the Big Lies. 

Update on the Stay Family Murders

7 Shot, a fake Fed-Ex Driver and a Red-Headed Devil. 

The low down on all things affair as it pertains to the time Chris and Kessinger spent together.

Unraveling Chris Watts' 2019 Confession.

Details of the months leading up to the murders.  Some of which may disprove what you think you know. 

Going over the timeline of communication Chris had with friends, family and even the realtor, the day his family went missing. 

Going through the ever-changing story of what happened the night of the 13th, through Chris Watts' 1st "confession," which ultimately lead to the unfortunate and devastating details of the recovery of Shanann, Bella, and CeCe Watts.

The second day of searching, a surprise mistress and a whole lot of word vomit. 

LINK to infamous porch interview

The first 24 hours after Shanann Watts and their daughters went missing. 

LINK to police report noting that Chis located Shanann's phone in-between the couch cushions, upstairs in their loft.