Learn about the man hunt heard 'round the world, and how a man in the Poconos wound up on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list - Alongside Ted Bundy, Warren Jeffs and Usama Binladen.


Find all photos and maps pertaining to this case in Eric Frein's highlight at the top of my Instagram profile at @TheHeatherAshley 

How did a college coed vanish into thin air, just steps away from her apartment?

A bucket list, a Gofundme account and a life of lies. 

A package, an AR-15 and an abandoned house. 

F*****g Utah.  A PBR can, and a visit from Uncle Alex.

Heather Ciccone had two options, get robbed or get murdered.  She wasn't aware of either. 

She could have been any of us. 

Im often asked what the most fucked up case is, that I've ever looked into. Until now I could never decide.  The story of Nevaeh Buchanan changed that forever.

How does a 6 foot 4 inch, 17 year old boy, vanish into thin air. 

A Chain of Events You Never Saw Coming. 

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